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Technology has evolved at an ever-increasing speed. Nevertheless, the fundamental principles of reaching people and communicating ideas have not changed. The formula for lasting business success is to find a need and fulfill it better than your competitors.

1910 metal sign ad

One hundred years ago, if you had a product to sell, you invested in signs on street cars or store window hanging posters. You put metal signs in places your customers were known to frequent. Newspaper and magazine advertising were effective. Other opportunities to get your message out included blotters, watch fobs, thermometers, sports score cards, and pencils. The state of the art in technology was radio, but radio advertising opportunities were still more than ten years off.

Molly Pitcher ad

The flow of information was languid, and product life cycles were longer. It was easier for your message to stand out and be heard. Social networking consisted of conversations at the local barber shop, church gatherings, front porches and parlors

Today, you need a web site.

We live in an age of information overload. Noise buffets our senses and synapses. To survive, we learn to filter and block all but the essential. We question, verify, triple-check every piece of information presented as "fact". There is nothing new about the need to separate good information from errors and lies.
Ralph Waldo Emerson is nearly universally quoted as having said: "Build a better mousetrap and the world will beat a path to your door". He never said it, and the modern mousetrap was not invented until 1894, twelve years after his death.

Four footed friend

Your business or organization web site must be designed to attract users who need you. But that is not enough. Once you get a visitor, you have only a few seconds of their attention to make an impression; to convince them to stay and consider doing business with you. Your site must not only contain things your prospects want, those things must be easy to find and intuitively organized.
It doesn't matter if your site contains a method to turn pesky mice into gold coins; if a visitor can't find that information easily, they will leave and click on the next site.

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Jim Selleck - Professional Web Development

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